DRIcore system for sports floor

Dricore system is suitable for sports floor and Multi-Purposed Room. It can be installed on a self-levelled concrete directly,and even on the slab finished with level within tolerance 30mm and over in a radious of 2 meters only with leveling kits,elastic mates.

The construction height of DRIcore system for sports floor with elastic sports mates and leveling kits is only just 54mm,and therefore this is much more useful than any other conventional sleeper system for the Multi-Purposed Gym. which has restricted ceiling height.

DRIcore system has more flexibility on the hardwood covering at the top to meet the needs at a certain sports space. All the types and dimensions of hardwood floorings(3/4”,22mm,33/32” thickness) can be covered at the top of DRIcore system.


22t x 2’(594mm) x 2’(594mm)

  • Random Waper Board, NOR-Board : 16t
  • HDPE Membrane : 6t
Comparision between Conventional and DRIcore System
  Conventional Subfloor DRICORE Subfloor
Sound Transmission Components of subfloor, cross members, shims, and etc., act as sound transmission mediums; they become more prominent in gyms. Due to the lack of sound-transmitting components and the use of sound absorbing material in the subfloor system the sound transmission problem is virtually eliminated.
Playability of the Finished-Floor Ball-bouncing ability of conventional subfloor is about 60-70%: 305mm center to center cross members installation is assumed Ball bounce ability of DRIcore subfloor is about 80-90%, 20% increase over the conventional subfloor
Material Harmful to Human Pressure treated lumber used for the cross members and plywood release substances that are harmful to human such as chrome, arson, formaldehyde and V.O.C. It is free of formaldehyde, chrome, and arson. It also satisfies the requirement level of V.O.C. for residential use in North America.
Fungal Resistance It is susceptible to fungal growth especially in below grade installations and areas of high humidity. The growth gives out fungus odor and in worst case scenarios the subfloor gradually rots and eventually collapses. The side facing down is finished with plastic cleated surface to prevent the moisture transmission from concrete to above and the side facing up is treated with a fungal resistance substance. Hence it prevents the growth of any of the six fungi harmful to humans.
Susceptibility to faults, installation and through use Partial collapse is the most common fault due to subfloor component rot and shim displacement. Due to its superior resistance to moisture build up the faults associated with the flooring using the conventional subfloor do not exist. In addition, the RWB is manufactured with Fungal Resistance Treatment.Also the plastic membrane attached at back side prevents moisture penetration from the concrete to the RWB,including top layer.
Cost Effectiveness Its cost effectiveness is low due to its high installation and maintenance costs associated. It is very cost effective due to its low installation cost and a low to nil maintenance required.
Height of the Finished Installation Securing the maximum headroom in both new and renovation installations is always a big challenge due to the minimum height requirement of 17cms. Securing the headroom is not a problem as the total height of the finished floor is only about 5cms.
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DRICORE SPORTS SYSTEM (Quake-proof) 종단면도

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