DRICORE is the product of DRIcore Division of Longlac Industries Inc. in Canada. We’re exclusive distributor of Canadian DRIcore to the Korean market.
DRIcore is a self-floating subfloor system. It is not a conventional subfloor system using batten. It provides outstanding subfloor solutions for all floor types such as sports floors, multi-purpose halls, and basements of residential dwellings. We have been supplying DRIcore system to Asian, Middle Eastern, and Korean markets and will continue to serve these markets through promotion of our exceptional performance as the best subfloor solution for our customers with wide ranging flooring requirements. We are also committed to providing our customers with the best support during pre-selection stages of your projects with items such as sample follow ups, job estimations, and design requirements.

DRIFLOOR is a revolutionary Pre-Finished Solid Floor Panel System that can be tailored to your specific project-budget and installation method requirements, and it employs a self-floating subfloor system that is both cost-effective and efficient. It is an easy-to-install finished floor system providing perfect solutions for wide-ranging floor finish requirements such as residential rooms, multi-purpose halls, and sports floors. DRIFLOOR is an eco-friendly product. No material that is harmful-to-human is used to construct the subfloor system and an eco-friendly wood species is used to make the finishing layer of DRIFLOOR. We pride ourselves in offering eco-friendly DRIFLOOR system to customers worldwide. We also strive to provide you with dedicated service and improvements on all our products through our continued R&D efforts.